Velo City Bags | The Runner

Several weeks ago, Nathan from Velo City Bags sent me one of his new Runner messenger bags to test out. When Nathan was designing this bag, he was thinking it would be a perfect bag for women. Though it’s a unisex bag… my friend Kati was the ideal candidate to commence with the testing.

The Runner has all the quality details you would find in their entire line of courier bags and backpacks. The size and shape is a perfect fit for scholastic and business minded people. Kati instinctively packed the Runner with documents, her laptop, clothing, and tons more. Heavily packed, her shoulder and upper torso found comfort with the well padded shoulder strap. She immediately pointed out how much she loves the quick release strap buckle b/c it allowed her to remove or swing the bag around to the front with ease. The Runner also proved to be 100% waterproof worthy during our recent snow and rain storms.

The attention to details is on point… from the exterior to its interior. Under the main flap, you will find one expandable pocket with media slots for all your essential needs. The generous main compartment is vinyl lined and features a velcro secured pocket for your secret stash. Kati also pointed out how she loves the compression straps which allowed her to carry even larger loads in a secured manner.

For a simple, yet very functional bag, we have to give the Runner two thumbs up… way up! And the price is on point!

Photo credit: Jason Finn