New Wheel Day

Today is a new wheel day. I mounted my new H Plus Son Archetype rims laced to Victoire Cycles HTF hubs… and WOW! I’ve been rolling deep section rims for the longest time… not to mention all black. Well, I’m quite the happy camper with these low-profile polished silver rims because they definitely shine with radiance.

Hands down… the new Archetype rims are absolutely amazing and super light. What I’ve always loved about H Plus Son rims is their innovation to design sick ass rims with seamless joints. I highly recommend these rims… BIG TIME!

The Victoire Cycles’ hubs are just as amazing! This is the first time I rolled with a splined rear hub and I love the simplicity of its design. Like the Archetype rims, these hubs are extremely light and well designed. All in all… these two items are paired perfectly together.

The new wheel day is a GOOD day.