Devin Tolman | Fyxation Steely HT Bars & Grips

Several weeks ago, Fyxation sent us their new Steely HT bar… along with their BMX Grips for local FGFS shredder Devin Tolman to check out. Waiting to get a break in the weather… the sun finally shinned for one weekend day. This is what Devin had to say…

“To start… I honestly have to say I was most impressed with the Fyxation BMX grips! Lately, I’ve been having problems with my hands because I can’t seem to find the perfect grips. Well, these grips were solid and felt great on my wrecked hands. Even in the rain, the grips didn’t slide around or lose its grip. The Fyxation Steely HT bars had the best backsweep feeling out of any bars I’ve ridden. I love how wide they are, and was pleasantly surprised to feel the bars were stiff, strong, and not too heavy. For a low riser bar, these bars felt really awesome and I would definitely throw these on any bike they fit.”

Photo credit: Jason Finn