1.61 Roll-Top Backpack

The 1.61 Roll-Top is not your run of the mill backpack… this baby has pure elegance. I find myself lusting backpacks that are narrow, but with plenty of height. This pack is a perfect example of that desire.

At first glance, I could tell this pack was made for heavy hauling. The air mesh shoulder straps and back-padding are well padded. I mean super thick… and amazingly comfortable. Heavy hauling calls for durability and this beast is built like an impenetrable fortress. To prevent wear & tear… this roll-top features 1000D Cordura, diecast buckles, and a vinyl coated truck tarp base.

Let’s talk about a perfect fit! This gem has all the necessary compression straps to mold it perfectly to your back. For added stability, a removable waist belt (optional) is provided. Even without the waist belt… the pack remained centered through the bumpiest streets in Portland.

The exterior features 4 zipper pockets that were designed for some serious waterproofing! These pockets look very stealthy and blend in perfectly with the pack. A set of standard side pockets and compression straps is also featured on the exterior. You all know how much I like subtle branding. 1.61 has some excellent branding… simplistic and stealthy!

Lastly… the amazing interior. The depth of the compartment is vast when the pack is fully expanded, and lengthy objects sit very well with the gate closed. The one feature that grabbed my attention was the bronze polyester floating liner. The pattern is amazing… almost reminds me of solar panels on a satellite or something to that nature. Very high-tech looking!

Big thanks to Wes @ 1.61 for this fantastic roll-top and to Brenton Salo for the pics.