Charlie From AWLF

Hey Charlie, how’ve you been?
So good. So busy. Trying to stay out of trouble.

So what have you been working on lately?
What haven’t I been working on lately? Riding, sewing, screen printing, photographing, campaigning, organizing rides, and perfecting homemade bread. The list goes on and on…

Can you tell us what exactly THE AWAREWOLFS is?
THE AWAREWOLFS or AWLF for short, was first uttered back in 2006 at this rally called “The Global Night Commute” which was raising awareness for Ugandan children who were forced to join the Lord’s Resistance Army. I was with my friends and slurred to them, “it’s like we’re A-WARE-WOLVES”. Since then, I always loved that word and now THE AWAREWOLFS is my artistic outlet. It started out as me printing AWLF stickers and giving them to the homies to slap all over the world, but about two years ago I decided to push it and organize a full moon bike ride and let THE AWAREWOLFS be known.

THE AWAREWOLFS got started in San Diego and is all hand made by myself. I still organize a bike ride every full moon. We ride in one lane, stop at all lights, and stay tight. Our new little motto is “WE ARE A PACK. NOT A MASS.” which is a jab at Critical Mass and just how insanely out of control it has become. I feel that if we want cars to respect our rights as bicyclists, then we need to respect cars first.

Why are the rides on every full moon?
The reason I chose to do a ride every full moon is my attempt at getting people back in sync with the moon. Our ancestors used to live by the moon by planting and harvesting their crops and also using stars to help guide their way at night. Now we use our iphones and when we do happen to notice a full moon we just say something along the lines of,”Oh man, the crazies are gonna be out tonight.” Since I’ve started this ride, personally I’ve learned a lot about the moon and I hope that all the people that come out on the ride have too. Plus, when the full moon lands on, say, a Monday, it’s just a good excuse to go out and party hard on a Monday night.

I’ve noticed that you have been shooting a lot of photos recently. What made you want to shoot?
I get it from my parents. I guess they were pretty into it when they were younger. Also, just from drooling over BMX magazines my entire life and analyzing each and every shot. I’ve always been attracted to HOW things are done. You don’t really see just how much goes into it until you look at whats going on behind the scenes. It’s all just so interesting to me. I’m still learning a lot and it seems every other photographer I meet is doing the same too.

It seems like your night rides have gotten pretty popular. How can someone find out more about it? The rides currently take place in San Diego but I’m super interested in trying to get more AWLF FULLMOON BIKERIDES started. If you wanna get one going in your hood, email me at

What can we expect to be seeing from you in the next couple of months?
In the next few months I’ll be doing more AWLF FULLMOON BIKERIDES, working on making bags/wallets/shirts, AWLF will be sponsoring its first event, and probably a bunch of other things I don’t even know about yet.

Any thank you’s?
Thanks to all the people who come out on the rides and support AWLF. I really can’t believe how much love it’s received. Every day I see a sticker on a sign or someone’s car or bike and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. Thanks to ma lady Courtney for letting me tear up our apartment on the daily for the sake of this. Thanks to you if you’ve read this entire interview. Go ride your bike.