Andy from Fixed Gear London

Fixed Magazine Cover #13

Photo credit: Federico Stanzani

Hey Andy, how’ve you been? What’s been new?
“I’m good and busy as always. I’m working on issue #13 of Fixed Magazine, putting the worldwide LockWhip tool team together, working with Dickies on something, getting the 14R from 14 Bike Co out there one by one, riding when and where I can, working with Brascona and Wolvh on a few bits. I am also currently working on a talk that will happen on the 6th of December called “Impetus Momenta” (The Imulsion of Momentum) which will be at the Southbank Center in London. I think I’m missing something, but I can’t remember what right now!

You’ve been a big part of the fixed gear scene for awhile now, how long have you been riding for?
“I started riding track bikes on the street in 2005, I think in the later half of 2005. Before that I never had any interest at all in riding bikes, I was a Skateboarder and still am!”

The last time I saw you, you were still moving your bicycles over, how many bikes do you have now?
“I have 10 track frames and probably 8 wheels sets… Ted is building me a frame and I have my eye on another. I might have to sell one or two but I can’t decide which should go.”

When and why did you start Fixed Gear London?
“I started Fixed Gear London because I was riding with a bunch of friends and we had this loose group thing happening and I wanted to bring everyone together, so instead of using the website I was given for my design portfolio I used to form Fixed Gear London. It made sense at the time, it kicked off everything that has happened in London and more than likely what has happened in Europe too. At least that’s what a lot of riders have told me during my travels!”

Fixed magazine, how long have you been publishing it? What made you decided to start a print publication?
“Fixed Magazine has been going for nearly 4 years now, I started it because I had the right people around me in 2008. At that time I wanted a magazine about fixed gear like the magazines there were for skateboarding, I always enjoyed reading skateboard mags and I wanted to bring that feeling to Fixed gear. Fixed is a mag for the community and I do it for the love of doing it not for the money.”

About how long does it take to get a issue together? (From start to finish)
“It depends on how good I am with my time management! Haha! I want to publish Fixed quarterly, but sometimes I have too much on my plate and it gets put to the back of the list. I really depend on contributors and I’m pushing the magazine to grow so that I can at least pay those amazing photographers and writers for there contributions. I think It’s not far off now. How long does it take… if I could dedicate all of my time to the magazine I could put an issue together in about 4 weeks, but usually it takes around 2 months. I’m organizing it on my own after all!”

Red 14R Low Pro – Designed by Andy

I always see your photos popping up, what made you get into photography? I know you shoot mostly film, so what is your go to camera/film?
“I studied design and I have a BA in product design, part of the course was to study photography. I hardly paid any attention at the time. When I started riding Fixed I used a little digital camera, I suppose I just found my way to what I use now which is a Ricoh GR4 Digital and a 35mm Ricoh GR1 film camera. I’m not good at taking photos and I would not call myself a photographer in the slightest, but some people seem to like my photos. Maybe it’s the subject matter?! One day I would like to get better at photography, I need to make some time for that in the future…”

Where do you see the fixed community going?
“The trend is simmering down right now and we will be left with the riders and advocates that are into Fixed for the correct reasons. From here a real community will be built, one that is based on authenticity and longevity. I have seen many people take advantage of a fixed industry that is not ready to be harvested. The people that have no patience and want something new all of the time are not good for the fixed community. I’ll keep on doing what I am doing and I know many others that will keep on too. I’m excited, because many think it’s over, but it’s really just begun”

With the new year approaching, what do you have planned?
“I am getting married! I met my wife to be just over a year ago now, she is the most amazing person ever and I love her dearly. She is rad and we are inseparable. I am working on many project’s, most of which will see the light of day in 2013.”

Any last words/thank you’s?
My list of thank you’s goes like this…
Kellen Graham, SuperTed James, Jonathan Winstone, Ben broomfield, Jonathan Burkett, sebastien Carayol, Massan Flucker, Ken Goto, Steve Hartley, Jose Martinez, Tom James, Max Lewis, Ben Radcliffe, Ian Sansom, Kyle Kelley, John Watson, Andrea Schiliro, Patrick Straub, Rose Wind, Viktor Vauthier, Roman Camus, Conrad Johnson, Max Knight, Jacob Knill, Odge Wong, Mike Martin, Gabe Morford, Garrett Chow, Walton Brush, Chas Christiansan, Laura Fraser, Brent Barber, Tony Fast, Tom La Marche, Burd Phillips, Dustin Klien, Colin Arlen, Keo Curry, Colby Elrick, Josh Hayes, James Newman, Jason Yim, Jason Rossette, D*Face, John Cardiel, Barry Mcgee, Antonio Colombo, Cedric Viollet, Word To Mother, Patrick Seabase, Ian White, Nick Street, Teppei Iwabuchi, Rip Zinger, Sino, Marco, Mathew Mckee, Rossanna Mckee, Jesse Carmody, Chris Morris, Mike Merkenschlager, Oscar Khan, Jake Ricker, Renaud Skyronka, Wonka, Kai Perez, Wilis Johnson, Zach Hoffner, Tyler Johnson, Sol Smith, Anto But, Josh Boothby, Gus Molina, Ryan Geise, Chris Delia, Greg Falski, Simon Neiborak, Mike Giant, Lee Cooper, Tom Mosher, Torey Thornton, Jordan Buck, Steve Bryden, Sebastian Renaud, Josh Long, Buffalo Bill, Kevin Bulger, Stone Tone, Mark Skulls, Chris Akrigg, Innes Brun, Henrik kuerschner, Kyle Demers, Henry Clay, Jagger, HAL, Ryan Carney, Kareem Shehab, Yuki, Matt Lingo, Jesse Johnston, John Wainwright, Duncan Mcnamara, Lars Wolvh, Rai Littlejohn, Patrick Thames, Julien Sommier, Matt Rice, Simon Gomok, Mike Schmitt, Kevin Sparrow, John Igei, Manuel Schuerholz, Stay Gold, Danny Bourke, Cento Canesio, Federico Stanzani, Francesco Martucci, Akio Tanabe, Simon Billard, Alex Billard, Nick Larsen, Yasin Rahim, Nathan Hughes, Jacopo Volpe, Toms Alzberg, Ricky Crompton, Andre Thurm, Devan Council, Joe Krillz, Andy Matthews, Steve Brezovec, Dylan Bigby, Tyron Francis, Kelli Samuelson, Jen Kyle Whalen, Anna Glowinski, Jason Clary, Faz Adhili, Jason Sellers, John Overdrive, Will Meyer, Congo, Jacob Santos, Pikey Wayne, Marc Merino, Steve Tortarelli, Evan Murphy, Mikey Ramirez, Tim John Obrien, Rudy Melo, Ricardo Lino, David Trimble, Chris Six Nguyen, Dexta Pamphille, Tom Wood, Alex Crane, Liam Walsh, Tim Pulleyn Tom Briggs, Finn Zygowski, Ruben Bauer, Virgil Tibbs, Ayush Gurung, Alfred Bobe, Crhis Thorman, John Beullens, Danny Wainwright, Jason Finn and many, many more. Sorry if I missed you! Thank you.

I also want to thank my supporters: Brascona, Vans, Dickies, Continental and 14 Bike Co. Lastly, thank you PEDAL Consumption for this interview!

FGL Common Sense #4 – Pedal Overlap Make Track Bikes Fun (PC exclusive)… prints coming soon.