2013 Colossi Accelerator

Out with the old and in with the new… Colossi introduces the 2013 Accelerator frameset. Compared to the previous version, the new dropouts are looking damn fine!

“The Accelerator is a speed demon inside the velodrome and on the road, we decided to us the Columbus XLR8R Scandium tube set with intense consideration on the geometry together with precise discussions with experienced racers and builders. Columbus XLR8R Scandium has unique characteristics – a reduction in grain size, improved weld-ability and a greater resistance to high temperature welding. Despite the chemical and frame building advantages of the XLR8R, the tube set contains Zirconium and Scandium to enhance stiffness hence can be made with thinner wall for weight reduction. The super-light weight and stiff frameset allows cyclists to accelerate with less effort without having weight as penalty.

Photo Credit: Constantin for Standert Cycles”