Brisbane Outdoor Gear | Royd Bike Bag

Brisbane Outdoor Gear continues to impress me with their great bags. The Royd is just one of them… simple, clean, and nicely priced.

Royd is a foldable bike bag designed for those people who want to ride to and from the airport, and don’t want the hassle of dealing with taxis, unreliable public transport, oversized bike boxes, and other rigid cases which are virtually impossible to ride with. Royd is foldable, compacts down to about the size of a Yellow Pages directory, is lightweight (just under 2kg), and built to last. It has an interior volume of a metric-shit-tonne which translated comfortably fits road bikes, track bikes, dedicated bike polo rigs, mountain bikes, and even some 29er’s. Using Royd you do have to semi-dismantle your bike; but don’t worry, instructions are included for the complete novice!

Royd is constructed from 1000D Kodra Nylon, and features 6mm padding around the wheel axles, and on the base. These padded areas also feature pockets to add extra padding and protection if you wish. #10YKK zipping is used throughout, which will last many a long haul. Zips are protected by a flap to stop the baggage gorillas from burning out your zip. Yes burned zips can happen, and is not a figment of bag-nerds nightmarish imaginations. Oh, and Royd also comes with its own compressible travel case, complete with clipping webbing so you can sling it to the outside of your pack (or in the front triangle of your bike). You will be surprised at how handy these clips are as nothing sucks more than having to find room in your already overstuffed backpack when you get to your destination.

Includes bike bag, heavy duty zippered compression storage sack, and two rigging straps, which is everything you need to travel the world minus your bike and ticket!”