Review: Chrome Niko Camera Pack

Since its debut, I’ve been itching to get my hands on new Niko Camera Pack by Chrome. Out of my entire collection of bags and backpacks… they’re all unlikely candidates for carrying my camera gear. So, I’ve resorted in wrapping my gear with t-shirts or neoprene pouches… then placed into my bag or backpack. It’s DIY, and I dislike it. Now, I could have easily gone down to my local camera shop and bought a camera specific pack, but there is no fun in that. I want something cycling related, and the current models on that market are just not cutting it.

So few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to test out the new Niko Camera Pack which put a huge smile on my face. My first impression was size of the backpack… not too big, nor too small. Though size is not the important factor here… its protection! The Niko Pack is fully padded (10mm foam) on ALL sides… top to bottom, and that feature alone makes this beauty a true contender.

The aesthetics of the Niko Camera Pack are truly amazing. The sleek PU coated zipper system is guaranteed to thwart off any water trying to attack your contents… a vital factor in protection. The EVA foam back-padding is definitely the best I have ever felt. And considering you’ll be toting around tons of heavy equipment, its back-padding… along with the ergonomic padded shoulder straps are key ingredients to this packs phenomenal comfort.

When it comes to space management, the Niko Camera Pack delivers a generous amount of space. I was really amazed on how much I could put into this backpack, even with the foam dividers in place. In the main compartment, I easily stashed my Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70mm Lens, Canon 24mm Lens, Canon 50mm Lens, and a lot more. I found the quick access top-loading compartment perfect for my neoprene pouch that contains my Fuji X-E1 mirrorless camera, Fujinon 35mm Lens, and Fujinon 18-55mm Lens. There is also an abundance of small to medium sized pockets… perfect for your memory cards, cables, charger, and cleaning kits.

Mounting a tripod to the Niko Camera Pack is as easy as it gets with its Velcro strap system. The placement of the tripod straps in the center of the backpack keeps the weight of your load even, so you don’t have to fidget around with your shoulder straps to get that perfect balance. On or off the bike, I was truly impressed on how well the Niko Camera Pack handled. And let’s not forget about the padded laptop compartment and several u-lock holsters that make this backpack complete.

Conclusion, I highly recommend the Niko Camera Pack… and not just for the street photographer, but for the traveler as well.

Huge thanks to Chrome and Jason Finn for the photos.