Review: Chrome Storm Jacket

Living in Portland for the past 6 years, I’ve learned that we have one of the most wet climates, and without any rain gear… you’ll find yourself getting screwed. This can be said for many other cities that receive the same precipitation as we do. When I first moved to PDX, people said I had to get a waterproof jacket. Never owning one before, since I am originally from San Diego, I went to our local Patagonia store and purchased an expensive jacket that clearly stated it was waterproof. After using this jacket for only a month… the joke was on me because the jacket turned into a sponge. For years to come, I’ve experimented with a plethora of so-called waterproof jackets and they all have come up short.

So about a month ago, Chrome sent me a Storm Cobra to test out. I’m usually skeptical when trying out new jackets because they’re either too wide or too small. This wasn’t the case for the Storm Cobra because it was a perfect fit. The longer sleeves provided full coverage of my arms without coming up short in a riding position, while the tail perfectly covered up any exposed skin on my backside. The overall look of the jacket is stunning. It has a modern appeal as the Chrome accents are kept to a minimal.

For the month of February, Portland has seen it’s share of rain, and the Storm Cobra has proven it’s ability to thwart off water. Unlike most jackets that have a short lifespan in repelling water, this jacket has continued to impress me daily under the harsh conditions PDX throws at us. The watertight front zipper is coated with a special polyurethane coating that prevents water from penetrating the zip closure. I was even surprised to find the front pockets and rear cargo pocket completely dry within. The pockets themselves are recessed and well fortified. Lastly, the Storm Cobra features a high-neck collar with an adjustable 3-panel hood… making this jacket a true contender against mother nature.

So after a month of good use, the Storm Cobra has officially become my go-to jacket for riding in the rain. It’s comfortable, well-ventilated (zippered pit vents), lightweight, and does the job!

Thanks Chrome!

Photo credit: Jason Finn