Blahol | New Wave Backpack

I came across this company called Blahol from Poland, and I was very impressed with some of their courier systems. The New Wave backpack definitely caught my attention.

“Blahol is a brand widely known for its premium quality and fair trade products. All bags and accessories are entirely handmade in Poland. Our customers are not only messengers, but also a wide variety of passionate people, crazy about bikes, and sharing the same lifestyle. Blahol bags are very comfortable and extremely durable as they are made of carefully selected materials with the best technical parameters. We offer a wide selection of colors which are one of the factors that make our bags so popular among our customers. Our brand meets high expectations of our clients and supports bikers culture and lifestyle. Blahol is currently the only one manufacturer on Polish market (and maybe even abroad) who make messengers bags and backpacks featuring welded inner layer, which guarantees full water resistance. Many years of observations, users opinions, and improvements finally resulted with today’s bag design and arrangement. Each Blahol’s bag is numbered which make them truly unique.”