Chrome | Sotnik Duffel Pack

Now this is what I’m talking! Chrome introduces the Sotnik duffel which can be carried or worn as a pack.

“The Sotnik is the ultimate travel duffel and the only duffel you’ll ever need. Made with Chrome Industries’ 100% welded waterproof technology, the Sotnik has a large cargo capacity with a huge opening and can be carried by hand or worn as pack. Sotnik is part of the company’s WWII inspired Militia line. The original Militia bags were made to haul wetsuits and beer to and from the beach. All Militia bags feature 100% welded waterproof main compartment that can hold ice-cold beer and keep your stuff dry in a downpour. A zippered compartment keeps wet/dry separate, and outside pockets with stainless steel hardware to store small stuff.”

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