Chrome | 415 Work Boot Launch Party (Part 1)

In celebration of the 415 Work Boot series, Chrome threw down a superb Launch Party last night at the Lizard Lounge in Portland, OR. With attendees ranging from key figures in Portland’s cycling community to the hard working bike messenger; Chrome spared no expense in making sure everyone had a good time.

To wet your whistle, Eastside Distilling provided drinks to set the mood… while The Shivas played a live set to entertain your ears. The real party began in the VIP section where champagne, and snacks were abundant. If you were having a bad hair day, Rudy’s Barbershop was there to remedy your situation. An array of Chrome gift bags containing 415 Work Boots and other goodies was handed out to the local community, and all of them were quite pleased to test drive these boots.

When Chrome introduced the 415 Work Boot, I was a bit hesitant in checking them out. By all means… I’m not a boot man, but being one of the lucky people to get a pair of the Storm 415 Work Boots at the event, I was quite happy how they felt on my feet. The fit was on point, and the comfort level was off the charts. They felt as if I were wearing a well broken-in sneaker.

When I departed, the Lizard Lounge was packed with people wall to wall… proving this Launch Party was a huge success. Two thumbs up to Chrome and all the participants for a night to remember.

Above photos were shot during the opening of the Launch Party.