Review: Chrome Truk Pro

When Chrome sent me a pair of the new Truk Pro shoes, I was very excited to try them out. Already owning a few pairs of the original Truk model(s), I knew I would immediately love this new SPD style. There are many city/commuter style SPD shoes on the market, but the Truk Pro look the best and come with an affordable price tag… IMHO.

I set up my new Truk Pro shoes with Time ATAC cleats that installed and fit perfectly. I took a stroll down my street to get an idea of the comfort level and how well the cleats reacted with the surface of the street. I didn’t notice my cleats making any contact with the pavement… which was my main concern.

Next, it was time to ride. Clipping in and out of my pedals was a breeze. Having the shoes laced semi-tight, I didn’t notice too much foot play. All in all, they handled very well on the bike and felt cohesive with my pedal strokes. After several weeks of testing these shoes in dry and wet weather… the Truk Pro shoes retained its stiffness.

If you’re in the market of a city-style SPD shoe, I truly believe the Chrome Truk Pro shoes will suit your needs. On or off the bike, these shoes make a great companion to your everyday riding experience.

Big thanks to Chrome for the kicks, and high-five to Brenton Salo for the photos.