Review: Boombotix | Boombot Rex

Several days ago, I received a sweet surprise in the mail from Boombotix. They sent me a sample of their new Boombot REX… an ultra-portable speaker packed with stellar technology and features.

One important fact you need to know about Boombotix is they are a company dedicated in producing solid-state portable speakers. They are not some apparel or iPhone/iPod accessory company that decided to meddle in the portable speaker market and make a cheap catalog item. Boombotix is way beyond that game.

Just the packaging alone for the Boombot REX is awesome. You can tell much TLC went into making sure the unit was safe and secure. Included within the packaging is a user guide, auxiliary audio cable, micro USB charging cable, and a retractable 3.5mm audio cable.

The anatomy of the REX sounds too good to be true, but it’s all true. It features full-range stereo quality, built-in speakerphone & Siri, wireless Bluetooth control, daisy chain compatible with other REX units, water resistant, and rechargeable with a battery life of 6 hours. The unit weighs 180g and measures 3.3W x 3.1H x 1.8D. Its ruggedized ABS housing makes gripping the REX super comfortable.

My first test was to utilize the retractable audio cable to my iPod Nano because my MP3 player lacked Bluetooth technology. The first thing I noticed about the REX was how the On/Off switch was recessed and stiff to move… which is a good thing because it remedies accidental movement of the switch. After selecting a random album to play… true bliss came out of the dual drivers, and I was sold. The playback buttons are conveniently placed at the top of the REX that allows accessing all those golden features at your fingertips.

The next test was to utilize the Bluetooth technology between the REX and my iPhone. Pairing my iPhone to the REX took just a few seconds. Again, I selected a random album to play and magic began. The music streamed perfectly without any hiccups. Using the integrated hip-clip, I mounted the REX to the shoulder strap of my backpack… as if it were meant to be there. The sweet sound of music continued to play uninterrupted… whether if my iPhone were in my pocket, in my mobile pouch, or inside my backpack.

I can really go on and on about the REX, and I haven’t even tapped into the speakerphone and Siri features. It boils down to this… the Boombot REX has superior sound quality, a flawless design, and abundance of useful features that can be used in your daily activities.

Thank you Boombotix for adding a new item to my daily essentials!