Boombotix | Wheel Fix Campaign for BMEF

Boombotix presents Wheel Fix… a campaign in partnership with Lucas Brunelle’s Bicycle Messengers Emergency Fund.

“Boombotix has always been a big proponent of safety. Our company started out as an alternative to headphones for riding. Over the past years, we’ve made close friends with a number of riders in the bike community. Messenger bikers around the world have embraced and befriended us, so now we want to give back to them.

BMEF (Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund) is a non profit organization dedicated to helping injured bike messengers. In our campaign, we hope to raise $20,000 for this fund while improving bike safety around the world.

This summer we are launching a full series of Limited Edition Boombot REX Ultraportable speakers. In the product launch, we are going to donate 20% of our revenues to support the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund. In the program, every injured rider is provided with $500 to help cover medical expenses, off-time, and other damag-es. With our goal, we hope to provide one hundred messenger bikers with support through our contribution to BMEF. This is a metric that we know drives change and one that is close to our heart.

The campaign will start tentatively on June 1st for 45 days. Our goal is to raise $20,000 for BMEF. The cam-paign will be deployed through the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. We will communicate with our backers through Indiegogo in culmination with our website and social media channels. You will get exclusive interviews with messengers and the inside pulse of what it’s like in the streets… a premium rush.”

Support this vital campaign by heading over to Indiegogo.