Chrome | Chekhov

Chrome just a released a new item called the Chekhov… a 100% welded-waterproof roll-top utility belt with Chrome’s iconic seatbelt buckle.

“We wanted to make a small bag that was 100% waterproof and didn’t look like a murse. The Chekhov is inspired by WWII utility belts and features our 100% Welded-Waterproof liner. It’s small enough to make it past security and keeps sweat off your back in the summer. The Chekhov features a zippered compartment to keep wet/dry items separate, external phone pocket for quick access while riding, and easy access u-lock holster. The iconic quick-release buckle and adjustable belt allow for the bag to be worn around the waist or as a cross-chest sling.”

Nice Leader Kagero featured in the product shot =)

Swoop it HERE!