Joey’s Custom Road Bike Inspired by the Leader Kagero

Joey Celis is a man who loves his Leader Kagero so much, he decided to get a custom made road bike inspired by the Kagero.

“I was riding a Bianchi Super Pista at the time the 1st generation Kagero came out. Soon after I sold the Bianchi frameset and built myself a Kagero. Since then I’ve put on thousands of kilometers on it and have grown to appreciate the feel of the bike.

But like all those that start off on a track bike, the hills start getting steeper and the rides starts getting longer. That lead me to purchase my first steel road bike, a 1985 Fantini that I imported directly from Italy.

I put on more kilometers on that bike, yet I missed that aluminum feeling. So I went searching to find a road bike that would get me close to my Kagero. Long story short I found none and got to thinking, why not see whether I could build me a Kagero with gears.

I soon found myself exchanging emails with legendary aluminum frame builder Frank Wadelton explaining what I wanted and if he could help me. After going over the geometry, type of tubing, and wanting it styled after the Kagero and the ever classic Cannondale Track bike of the early 90s he responded back with, I like making interesting bikes and this is a very interesting mix of road and track elements.

The frame features all internal cabling, head tube for an integrated headset and crimp in the seat tube to get that rear tire to fit into the 370cm wheelbase. Top tube is 53cm (c-c), seat tube is 50cm (c-c), 45cm BB drop, seat tube angle is 75º with the head tube angle at 74º with a 40mm fork.”

My first ride on the bike felt as if I were riding my Kagero. With that I knew I built the road bike I wanted.”