Christina’s All-City Big Block (Part I)

When my good friend Christina told me she wanted a complete bicycle so we could ride together, I sprang into action to help her. I’ve seen my fair share of affordable fixed/track completes that came shipped in a box, and I’ve been unimpressed. So after showing her a few completes online… which didn’t seem to interest her, I suggested she take a look at the Big Block complete by All-City. Christina had found her future bike and with the help of Jeff Frane @ All-City, her future bike became a present day reality.

When the Big Block arrived, we were excited to unpack the box and view the contents. I have to say… I have never seen a bicycle packed and protected so well as this one. All-City definitely gets the shipping award in my book. After unpacking the contents, I was extremely pleased to see the fork uncut… opposed to seeing a fork pre-cut with the star nut installed which drives me crazy.

Once the frame was unwrapped and on the stand, you could clearly see all the fine details. The welds are consistent, paint is flawless, and the classic track bike accents make the Big Block a win-win. The All-City 612 Track Cranks, TH Industries BB, and Cane Creek 10 Series Headset were pre-installed on the frame… so building this bike will be quick and easy.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share Christina’s build timeline through several blog entries… so stay tuned for Part II.

Thanks again Jeff!