Cycle Project Store

My friends @ Cycle Project Store have their new website up and running. Take a gander because good stuff awaits you HERE!

“Cycle Project refers to an undertaking that involves cycling related with concerted effort. With each bicycle treated as a project, they are handled with proper care and consideration to the demands of its user.

First conceived by three young fixed gear enthusiasts who shared a common goal ; to supply the local bicycle community with wider range of high performance parts. The trio values smooth and efficient transactions as well as customer care which is the core of their business motto behind Cycle Project Store.

We ride fixed and we stand by it for nothing gives us the taste of riding as that of a fixed gear. We pride ourselves with the products we offer through our partners abroad who have given us a chance to represent their brand. We select the products that we offer from the view of a cyclist and if it is an item we are unsatisfied with using it, we will not sell it.

We like to sell a customer what he needs and to his budget than what we have to sell. We believe that each customer should have a bicycle that is truly his or hers and thus, we tend to build each bike differently according to the user. Each build is different and it is our pride and joy to always satisfy a customer whenever they have that grin upon collecting their project.”