Cagliari Fixed | Long Live Dawn

Cagliari Fixed having fun on bikes in Sardinia, Italy… I can dig it.

“I used to hate this island. I hated every single day of my youth spent over here. I escaped as much as I could, I had this feeling deep inside of me which pushed me miles away from where I was supposed to belong. I spent most of my youth traveling around looking for a piece of heaven, a place I could rely on, a city where I could perfectly fit. I thought that place, located in one of those common dreams inside my mind, was actually a lie, an old picture I could just discard any minute. I gave up soul searching so many times just to start again, and every time I looked, I never actually looked around me. I would just sit on a plane and fly away, I would just jump on a ferry and sail away.

One day, my friends and I reached the other side of the earth and visited one of the biggest islands on this whole world. Almost 30 days spent so far from home but so close at the same time. Everything looked really familiar out there, I couldn’t believe it. The heat, the salty water, the sand, the sea, those views, those landscapes, the empty space, the wild, that feeling of being alone, scared and far all at once. That day, I finally realized that feeling wasn’t my enemy anymore. It became true beauty and pure love. I went back to my hometown with my heart full of joy.

Now that youth has left me orphaned, I just need to reach the west coast of Sardinia, far away from city lights and monotony. To feel alive again and dream with my eyes open. To let my motherland put her arms around me and feel home, safe and sound.”