GURU Fit System @ Western Bikeworks

I’ve been riding Fixed Gear bikes for a long time, and I would never give it up… completely. For the past year or so, I’ve been scooping out some road bikes solely for long distance rides. I believe that you and your bike must be cohesive to have a successful relationship. So when I was dabbling with the idea of getting a road bike, Jason Soejoto at Western Bikeworks suggested I get properly fitted using their GURU Fit System, so we set up an appointment. The idea of being fitted is absolutely logical because it improves your riding performance and eliminates those maladies caused by riding a poorly fitted bicycle. I don’t want to go down that road knowing this bike doesn’t work for me.

When it was time to get fitted, Jason who is certified to operate the GURU Fit System explained the importance of a perfect fit and how the this system determines what you need to reach your true potential. From the 3D body scan to selecting a proper handlebar and saddle… sitting on this mechanical juggernaut felt right at home. Every step of the fitting process is clinical and precisely diagnosed by Jason. In the 30 minutes of being in the saddle, I learned so much about my body frame, what muscles I use when pedaling, and the direction I needed to go to have that ultimate riding experience.

When the fitting was completed, I received my data compiled from GURU Fit System… along with a vast list of road bike models with correct component measurements that would benefit my cycling for the long run. In the end, it was truly an awesome learning experience and I highly recommend getting fitted with the GURU Fit System if cycling is a huge part of your life… as it is in mine.

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GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™
The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ (DFU™) is the world’s most advanced fit bike – providing an infinite range of motion and real-time adjustment to create the perfect ride for you.

  • The DFU™ is 100% computer-controlled and delivers accurate riding position adjustments while pedaling – giving you confidence in your position and ensuring maximum riding performance.
  • When utilizing GURU’s Virtual Ride™ module, the DFU’s™ automated incline/decline movement simulates changes in terrain – giving you the ability to test your riding position while riding uphill and downhill (up to18% gradient!)

GURU Fit System™ Software
GURU’s revolutionary software powers the GURU Fit System™ – providing you with an interactive, personalized fit experience to create the perfect riding position.

  • GURU’s software captures individual riding positions during your fit session, allowing you to easily compare and contrast different positions to determine which is best for you.
  • GURU’s Virtual Warehouse™ replaces a conventional test ride by allowing you to select individual models to ride on the GURU Fit System™ – featuring thousands of bikes across all categories (road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers.
  • Every GURU fit session includes a comprehensive, personalized fit report that outlines your exact riding position coordinates – making it easy to replicate your riding position on a new bike or an existing bike.