Review: Chrome Timur

A few weeks before the official release of the Chrome Forged Rubber Sneakers, Ari and I swooped up a pair of the Timur kicks to test out. What you first need to know is that the Forged Rubber Sneakers do not come with a stable shank, so these shoes are not intended for heavy riding. If you’re just out to cruise around on a chill ride with some platform pedals… these will love your feet.

Our Forged Rubber sneakers are made by hand, one at a time, on 70-year-old machines we salvaged from Slovakia. Forged Rubber™ is a slower, more bombproof way to make vulcanized shoes. The rubber is harvested from nearby rubber tree farms and forged directly to the canvas upper at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a bond that is durable, a sole that is incredibly flexible, and a shoe that can survive the city. Chrome Forged Rubber™ is the most resourceful way to make the most durable city sneaker.

I have to admit… choosing which shoe to test out was a hard choice since all 3 models look awesome and all are available in black. But, I was immediately drawn to the Timur kicks because of how the red Chrome accents worked cohesively with that single red stripe running down the side. And the reflective heel with its red stitching sealed the deal!

On the feet… these shoes feel extremely comfortable because of its contoured impact-resistant footbed. I wore them all day, and they felt as if they were broken in years ago. One lovely feature about the Chrome Forged Rubber Sneakers is the breathable canvas uppers and antimicrobial sock liner for combating against those nasty odors. So this means you can wear them without socks!

One scenario that became useful was using the Chrome Timur kicks as a secondary shoe when wanting to slip out of your clipless shoes… like for school, work, shopping, etc. They’re so lightweight that they can easily be stashed in your bag or backpack… a true asset to your daily commuting.

That’s it… simplicity at its best. Now it’s time to test out the Chrome Dima slip-on sneakers!