Chrome Folsom Pants for Summer

Yesterday, Portland reached a daytime high of 102 degrees and it was brutal. I ride street and wear Cadence pants period, but yesterday I thought I would give the Chrome Folsom Pants a try because its relaxed fit and it seemed suitable (if you don’t wear shorts) for an extremely hot day.

It’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE… “The interior of the Folsom Pants absorbs sweat, which aids cooling and minimizes stains, while the exterior repels water, staying dry and looking clean longer.” I was utterly amazed how comfortable these pants felt in the hottest conditions and its ability to dry so quickly after absorbing all my sweet.

Since I have longer legs, I did find the inseam to be tad short, but it’s not Chrome’s fault I have longer legs. If I could change one thing about the Folsom Pants… it would be to have them more tapered at the ankles. There were some scary moments where I thought my chain/chainring was going to consume my pants.

If you’re looking for some summer pants, you might want to give the Chrome Folsom Pants a whirl.

Photo credit: Ari Sonnenberg