Gevenalle GX Shifters

Portland’s Gevenalle will be a major player in the off-road shifter game with their new GX Shifters

Cyclocross component specialist Gevenalle branches out today with the addition of a new shifter specifically designed for the gravel and adventure cycling enthusiast, The GX Shifter. While the current CX shifters have already been utilized for this market, there was an overwhelming request that the system be expanded to include capability for Shimano’s newer 10 speed Dyna-sis and Shadow Plus MTB derailleurs with a cassette capability up to 36T. The GX Shifter is an industry first for those wanting to run integrated shifters on drop bars with these derailleurs.

The GX utilizes a customized version of a Microshift lever set on a new larger mount that is compatible with Shimano’s current 10 speed MTB derailleurs. GX Shifters are also compatible with most, if not all cable braking systems (caliper, cantilever, v-brakes, mini-v, road or MTB disc…) Using a clever alteration to the brake levers to add another brake leverage point, the GX can be set up for both long or short pull to work with any cable fed brake!

The GX shifter also adapts well for the touring cyclist, providing excellent durability and range of gears. All work is done in Portland, from the machining of mounts, anodizing, laser engraving, brake lever machining and assembly of the brake levers with upgraded pivot bushings.

• Compatible with Shimano’s current 10 speed Dyna-sis and Shadow Plus MTB derailleurs.
• GX Shifters are compatible with most if not all cable braking systems.
• Provides both long and short pull brake leverage to work with any cable fed system.
• New aesthetics and cable angle dropped 10 degrees for a sleeker cockpit.
• GX are sold as a complete pair. Left mount and shift lever removable for use in a 1X set up.
• Gevenalle Crash Warranty: No Questions asked, Rebuild/Replace for $34 a unit including shipping in USA.
• GX shift levers not backwards compatible with CX mounts due to larger size.