#Trackvibes | Alpenrose Velodrome Socks

The Alpenrose Velodrome has seen its fair share of wear and tear over the years… and whether you’ve experienced the excitement of our velodrome or not, help support future repair cost by swooping up these dopes #Trackvibes socks.

Help support Alpenrose Velodrome! Over the past few years, our favorite place to turn left has gotten a makeover. If you love riding + racing here, you know how much these repairs were needed and the costs that accompany them. Candi, Mike, and the rest of our track crew have worked to make the repairs happen, but funding is still needed, not only for the balance, but for repairs that will continue in the future as well. So Team Kess thought, “Why not design something that out cycling community friends can have as a reminder that they showed their support, gave back, and can always have a reminder that helping is not a thankless notion?” If you are interested in our #trackvibes socks, please email us at threecrossdesign[at]gmail.com, (PayPal payments will go to ckessler666[at]gmail.com $15, shipping not included) and a portion of the proceeds will go right back to Alpenrose Velodrome

Photo credit: Kyle Kelley