Fast Friday… Forever!

Fast Friday is one of my favorite films documenting the true spirit of Fixed Gear culture in the PNW, and it’s now available for your viewing pleasure… for FREE!

Fast Friday is officially up and live for all to see. Fast Friday was a wonderful point in time. Seattle, WA c. 2007. It was the very beginning of the Track bike movement Mash had yet to come out and people were riding track bikes, but there was nothing that was bring people together. I thought something consistent with a focus on skill building. First Friday of every month slowly grew a scene and forged many long term friendships. Many of the people who came out of this movement played a prominent role in the history of urban cycling. Most notable was Keo Curry a true prodigy on the bike with balance and finesse. I look back on these years fondly and am proud to have been a part of it. I am especially thankful to David Rowe for documenting this as something that would have otherwise been lost to faded memories.

Watch the full video by clicking HERE!