Review: Knog Blinder MOB Lights

With the sad reality of darker days looming over Portland for the next few months… I was super stoked Knog sent me their new front Blinder MOB Four Eyes light, and the rear Blinder MOB V Four Eyes light to test out.

One of the biggest fears about bicycle lights that use silicone straps are how easily they snap in a short amount of time. An even bigger fear is when the extreme tension from the silicone strap snaps off the plastic housing of the light. Fear no more because the MOB lights come with extra silicone straps to accommodate ALL diameters of your handlebar and seatpost! Also, to keep your handlebar and seatpost looking pristine… the MOB lights come equipped with a plastic clasp instead of the hard-anodised aluminum clasp that helps prevent wear and tear.

With the integrated USB plug, charging these lights couldn’t get any easier. No silly plugs with annoying cables! Once fully charged… these lights perform amazingly! I absolutely feel safe knowing that motor vehicles from both directions can see me. In day or night, I highly recommend the Knog Blinder MOB lights!