Review: Spurcycle Bell

I don’t why it took me a decade to realize I needed to get a bell for my bike, but once I did… life on my bike just got a whole lot better. Portland is growing, and many newcomers find themselves crowding our bike paths and roadways. Normally, I’d just throw a loud skid to make people move out the way, but that didn’t work half the time. So, I verbally upgraded my tactics to yelling at pedestrians to save my tire wear.

When I realized it was time to get a bell, I knew the bell had to be aesthetically clean and LOUD Unfortunately, most LOUD bells I’ve encountered were way too oversized and stood out like a sore thumb. As for the smaller bells I tested… they weren’t loud enough, and the plastic mounting hardware always posed a problem when trying to mount the bell to a smaller diameter handlebar.

One day my friend Travis told me West End Bikes in downtown PDX received a shipment of Spurcycle Bells and had picked one up. After seeing and hearing this bell in person… my search was over for the perfect bell. The next day, I went down to the shop and picked one up for myself. As soon as I got home… I mounted it and the sound of joy bing-bonged throughout my neighborhood. I was even impressed when people with their headphones jacked in still heard the sound of this mighty little bell 50 feet away. Life is good!

Swoop it HERE!