2017 Aventón Cordoba

Aventón introduces the all new 2017 limited edition Cordoba. Available as a frameset or complete.

We want to welcome the new & improved 2017 Cordoba to the Aventon family. We took our popular Cordoba frameset and supercharged it with some awesome new technology features. It now has a tapered headtube and fork for improved front-end stiffness and control when you’re smashing on the street or track. For this limited edition release of the 2017 Cordoba, we’ve added an Aventon tapered fork with full carbon blades and steerer tube.

We’ve also added an updated hydroformed seat tube, which flares out where it meets the bottom bracket for maximum power transmission and no watt-wasting flex. As before, Cordoba is double-butted 6061 aluminum alloy, with the buttery-smooth welds you’ve come to expect from Aventon.

You can ride the Cordoba with a fixed gear or freewheel, to that end, we’ve included an updated forged dropout design that allows a wider range of horizontal adjustment for your rear wheel. You can use this extra range to fine-tune the wheelbase to your preferences, or swap between a wider range of gear ratios without changing chain length. The 2017 Cordoba ships with a flip-flop hub right out of the box, so you can go fixed or freewheel right away without buying any additional parts.

On the component side, we used our proven Aventon Push groupset, including handlebar, seatpost, crankset, saddle, and wheelset. Push perfectly complements the 2017 Cordoba and we ship it to you 90% ready to ride. Upon delivery you’ll unpack and perform minor re-assembly (less than 30 minutes) before hitting the road or track.

Step up your fixed gear game today with the new 2017 Aventon Cordoba.