Fix It Sticks | Replaceable Edition Tire Levers

Fix It Sticks introduces the Replaceable Edition Tire Levers… and it’s absolutely genius.

The tire levers simply slip over the top of the Replaceable Edition Fix It Sticks by using a steel bit that is molded inside the lever. The lever magnetizes into any Replaceable Edition Fix It Stick and clicks securely into place.

The Replaceable Edition Fix It Stick functions as the steel handle to strengthen the lever. The levers are molded with an extremely wide scoop to effectively reach under and extract the tire bead. Prototypes tested by shop mechanics verified the levers are strong enough to support daily use.

“We are so happy with the tire lever design. They are small, light but incredibly durable. You can use these in the shop or on the road. The feeling when they magnetize in place is very satisfying and the shape is perfect for tight tires,” said Brian Davis, founder. “We had our first prototype for this years ago but it took some time to get it just right, and now it is indeed just right.”

Constructed from unique, specially engineered plastic materials, the Replaceable Edition Fix It Stick with tire lever combines low friction, high wear resistance, and durability.

Watch the promotional video HERE!