2017 All City Championship

The All City Championship has become a staple event in the US and this year’s activities will surely be rememberable!

Friends, the ACC’s are back to spice up your Summer! Please join us in Minneapolis from August 24th-26th for three days of partying and a lazy Sunday spent at the beach!

The big news is that All-City is supporting the event this year by purchasing the entries for all Women / Trans / Femme riders.

From All-City: “To further our goals of helping to make the cycle community as inclusive and welcoming as possible, for our sponsorship this year, we have agreed to pay the entry fee for all women / trans / femme riders. So if you’re thinking you’d like to join in, please do, the good times are on us.”

We all are enriched by a more diverse and inclusive community, and I hope you’ll join us for what is always one of the highlights of the Summer months. We’ve been doing this 12 years strong and are working hard to make sure that this event stays relevant and vibrant.

To that end, we’re also including a Poker Run component to the main event for those folks who aren’t interested in speed. Our dear friends at Surly Bikes will be donating a prize frameset to the W/T/F poker run winner.

For those who are from out of town, know that we all take pride in this community and our greatest joy is to share it with the world. It is our beating heart. We want you here, and promise you good times, night swimming, and one heck of a wild ride.