All-City | Cosmic Stallion

All-City proudly introduces the Cosmic Stallion… an all-road disc bike made with A.C.E. Tubing.

The Cosmic Stallion is simply our finest work to date, perfectly embodying all of our bicycle ideals in its execution. We’ve combined the classic artistry of a lovingly detailed, hand built steel frame with modern standards. We designed it to be the ultimate mount for covering ground quickly over any road surface you may encounter. From pavement, to gravel, to fire roads, if the goal is speed, efficiency, and comfort then the Cosmic Stallion is the logical choice.

If there is indeed one bike to rule them all, this is it.

Aboard the Cosmic Stallion the world is your oyster. Picture it: you head out for a road ride and bustle through the potholes and shortcuts of the city. You finally get to stretch your legs on some hills when, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a ribbon of dirt road that you’ve never noticed before. You make the turn, and soon you’re scampering up a long-forgotten fireroad ascent. You’re stoked because it’s a bit bumpy and loose, but you’ve got plenty of rubber to hook up and provide cushion, a wide gear range that will climb anything, and disc brakes for when things get hairy. One fire road links to another, and soon you’re at the summit lookout which hooks up with a long-neglected paved “road” (if you’re being generous with the term) that brings you back to the highway for the screaming descent.

Whether you’re traveling and can only bring one bike, crushing gravel classics such as the Dirty Kanza, or just want to know that your bike can handle whatever the heck you end up getting into for the day, the Cosmic Stallion is The One! The Stallion takes the versatile bike equation and adds speed and efficiency, to the point that there simply isn’t a tradeoff between a capable bike and a fast bike. While it excels on smooth roads, when things start getting bump, the Stallion really shines.

There is simply no other bike we’ve ridden that does a better job of soaking up road chatter, yet is so fast and efficient. On the versatility tip, It’s got three bottle mounts, and mounts for a rear rack and fenders. So, if fast bike packing or touring is you jam, you can do that too. It also has a full carbon Whisky No. 9 fork for weight savings, a tapered head tube, lovely shaped stays, thru-axles, Shimano Di2 compatibility and fits 700c x 45 tires or 650b x 47.

A.C.E. Tubing
A.C.E. is seamless, custom extruded tubing that is heat treated and air hardened. This allows us to use the thinnest walls practical while maintaining strength and weight targets. Rather than accept the offerings from a tubing supplier, as is the case with our Reynolds, Columbus, and 612 Select varieties, A.C.E. allows our engineer to gocompletely custom with the butting profiles, diameters, shape and wall thickness’. Wedo this not only on the main tubes, but on the stays as well. Full frame heat treating and customization that yields a tubeset holistically designed and engineered for ride characteristics, strength, and weight savings.