As some of us are going through some triple digit weather, BiKASE came up with a fantastic solution to stay cool.

Introducing the CoolKASE!

The CoolKASE is a soft cooler that that is mountable to the front or rear rack of a bicycle, ATV’s, scooters, kayaks, and other forms of transportation. The CoolKASE is a great way to store drinks and food for a picnic, day of fun in the sun and camping! You pick the adventure, the CoolKASE is always ready to GO!

The CoolKASE is about 800 cubic inches and will hold 12 bottles of water (16 oz) or 12 bottles of beer (12 oz) and up to 8 lbs of ice. The CoolKASE will keep ice cold for days! There are 3 handles for easy carrying and 2 d-rings to attach a should strap or other items.