Review: Quoc Pham Night Shoes

Quoc Pham has been developing the urban SPD shoe for a long time, so it’s no surprise that they’ve ventured into the Performance road shoe market with the introduction of their new Night series.

Several months ago, they sent me a pair to try out. While I’m no expert in the cycling shoe department, if they look good, don’t hurt my feet for over a 100 miles, and stand the test of time… then they have my vote.

Out of the box, these shoes look absolutely stunning. From the stitching between the sole and upper to the subtle branding accents. If you want a cherry on top, they threw in a signature 3M™ reflective element on the heel for added safety.

Laced up, these shoes paired perfectly with my feet – like they were already broken in. The stiff, contoured sole embraced my foot comfortably while providing a supportive fit. With a roomy toe box section, I was assured that suffering of the toes would not be an issue.

Although laced SPD shoes have been around for a very long time, Quoc Pham has taken these shoes to the next level with their patented lock lace system – in case you were wondering what the secondary eyelet in the middle of the shoe is.

My first test ride with these shoes was honestly… AWESOME. Like a kid with new shoes, they felt great throughout my 60-mile ride in the east hills. With the sweltering heat bearing down on me, I hardly felt any discomfort when my feet began to swell, and certainly no issues with breathability. Sometimes you experience heel lift with laced shoes, but nothing of the sort with these beauties.

To date, I’ve put about 500 miles on these shoes and nothing has changed my mind about how awesome the Night series truly are. If you’re looking for a laced cycling shoe that retains beauty and longevity… swoop these up!


Light, comfortable, stiff, reflective elements, lace locking, replaceable heel


None that I could think of!

– Advanced, patented Lock-Lace system
– Lightweight, reinforced microfibre with Lace guard
– Signature 3M™ reflective heel strip
– Marbled carbon composite outsole
– Compatible with 3-bolt cleats
– Replaceable heel pads
– 100% vegan

Premium microfibre upper; breathable microfibre lining; reinforced mesh inner layer; advanced patented Lock-Lace system; thermodynamic ventilation; signature 3M™ reflective heel strip

Marbled carbon-fibre composite; replaceable heel pad; thermodynamic ventilation

EVA form; ultra porous, sweat-absorbing microfibre top layer with anti-odour properties

Photo credit: @frameandfork