Speedvagen | 2017 Surprise Me

Speedvagen introduces the 2017 Surprise Me – featuring a geometric dot pattern with a rough, hand drawn Speedvagen text, circles and the SV shield.

We fell in love with polka dots a few years ago, when incorporating them onto the Leave It On The Road team bikes and more recently the 2016 Surprise Me paint schemes. They’re racy (king of the mountain jersey anyone?), a great way to bring in a hit of color and they make sure that a bike isn’t taking itself to seriously.

Well, sometimes you just can’t not do something and since those first bikes, for Speedvagen founder and creative director Sacha White, polkadots have stayed in the front of his mind, as a sort of compulsion. “I need to do more of this!”

After working for the better part of a year on possible designs for the 2017 Surprise Me, the polkadots just wouldn’t stay quiet and Sacha put the original designs on the shelf. “we gotta do a completely polkadot frame, you guys!”

That set the course and after lots of crappy napkin sketches, digital mock ups, paint samples, and trial and error making unicorns freehand with a paint brush, the 2017 Surprise Me is born!

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