FREITAG | ZIPPELIN Inflatable Travel Bag

I’m always looking for the next cool thing to make life on the road just a bit easier. Well, FREITAG came up with a nifty idea of using a 28″ bicycle inner tube as the main frame for their ZIPPELIN travel bag.

Brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag founded FREITAG in 1993 to create high-quality, unique bags that enhance the urban experience. 24 years later, their extensive catalogue includes over 70 products–from messenger bags, to shoppers, gym bags, backpacks, and numerous accessories. The gorgeous design, recycled material, and individuality of every FREITAG bag has led to a constantly expanding team of 170 employees, availability at 450 stores and resellers around the world, a place in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and a global cult following.

There is one item, however, that has always been missing from FREITAG’s impressive repertoire–the rolling travel bag. That will change with the release of ZIPPELIN.

In the signature FREITAG style, ZIPPELIN is crafted from used truck tarpaulins in Zurich. These tarps are perfectly suited to create water-repellent, functional, one-of-a-kind bags. However, the weight of this robust material presents particular challenges when combined with the already heavy frame and wheels of traditional travel luggage. After numerous unsuccessful trials, the Swiss bag manufacturer had a flash of inspiration to keep ZIPPELIN light-weight without sacrificing space–they left the frame out.

FREITAG came up with this unconventional solution after being inspired by their favorite means of transportation–cycling. They integrated a standard 28-inch bicycle inner tube in place of the frame, creating an inflatable travel bag that is a perfect companion for long-trips and easy to hide away at home

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