2017 Speedvagen Road Disc Overt

The new 2017 Speedvagen Road Disc Overt is GORGEOUS!

It’s hard to not talk about paint with this bike, so lets get that out of the way first. This is a new 2017 Overt in a color palette used for the first time. The Overt is our most most intricate paint job, it requires sharp lines, and a custom layout every time we do one since each bike we do is custom, because of that the text pattern will never lay out the same way. Though we are committed to putting out great looking bikes, thats never what its about. The real beauty in in the ride. This is something we have come to realize as a team, more and more over the last year. We want out bikes ridden hard, really hard. Sweat on it, take paths that you probably shouldn’t, get it dirty, muddy, and gross. Push your own limits and by all means scratch it! And when you do, we’ll be here celebrating with you. This is nothing new in our beliefs, sometimes I think we just forget we have new people looking at our work everyday, so being a little more clear about our expectations from those who purchase our bikes can’t hurt.

View the Speedvagen Guidebook for more details.