Stinner Bicycle Club Kits

Stinner Frameworks teamed up with Team Dream Bicycling Team, Machines for Freedom, and Endo Customs for the release of the Stinner Bicycle Club Kit.

We’re passionate about our cycling communities and the driving forces that keep people moving on two wheels. The Stinner Bicycle Club embodies the spirit of Southern California cycling and connects riders through their shared love for freedom, individualism, self-expression, and multidisciplinary riding.

We’ve created our concept of a worldwide, non-affiliated club around the goal of appreciating cycling culture through all of its lenses. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to wear our kit and join our community of riders who are simply stoked on these values. Our General Members make up the majority of our club’s population, but we’re also proud to support a tight-knit group of selected Southern California-based Category 1 and 2 Elite Racers, a wide mix of Club Ambassadors, and a handful Junior Racers who are coached under Galaxy Cycling.

In short, the Stinner Bicycle Club is an open unifier that any cyclist of any age, gender, skill level, discipline, or locality can accept, apply, and feel a part of. – Stinner Frameworks

Pre-order: Men / Women / Socks