The Rando Bag by Restrap

The Rando bag by Restrap is a front rack bag, and it’s the perfect companion for any ride. With easy access pockets, quick release rack attachment, and a handy shoulder strap, it’s never been easier to carry your kit in an organized space. Patented magnetic fastenings and military-grade waterproof fabrics work together to make the Rando super strong and reliable. Perfect for touring, commuting, or just carrying your shopping.

The Rando is for all riders, and all rides. Built to last, its waterproof, military-grade fabrics ensure its contents will stay safe, secure and dry even in the harshest conditions. It’s super easy to use, attaching seamlessly to most front racks thanks to our patented magnetic fittings. No matter how rough the surface or deep the pothole, the Rando will remain firmly in place, making it the perfect solution for touring, commuting or shopping.

Internal elastic organisers and a clear map pocket mean belongings can be neatly divided and carried with ease. A handy strap transforms the Rando into a shoulder bag for easy transport off the bike. – Restrap

The Rando comes in two sizes: Large (17 litres) and Small (11 litres).

For more details, watch the promotional video HERE!