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PEDAL Consumption is a news and resource hub for the cycling community.


PEDAL Consumption is a cycling blog and if you have relevant and interesting material for our readers, we want to hear from you. Unfortunately, we do receive many submissions and cannot respond to all of them.

Don’t take it personal if your submission is not posted.

All photo submissions must be high-quality, jpeg or png format, and no less than 1200 x 800 pixels. Please provide a link to the photos in a Dropbox folder or similar hosting service.


If you have a bicycle related product that you would like to see reviewed, please read the guidelines below before contacting us.

• We will not review an item unless we believe it will be of interest to our readers.
• We cannot guarantee when the review will be posted, but it is usually within 30 days.
• We do not return samples after they are reviewed.
• All reviews are also shared on our social media networks.

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